Our loans are based upon the value real property and if the property is producing sufficient income to satisfy the debt service on our note. We adhere to a “make sense” lending philosophy that has produced hundreds of loans and is based on 3 simple criteria:

  1. Property Valuation as determined by an approved appraiser and or 2 independent Broker Price Opinions
  2. Property Income based upon historic data or proforma based upon property improvements
  3. Property Owner’s ability to pay off our loan.

Instead of concentrating on minute details of the borrower’s credit history as institutional lenders do, we concentrate our efforts on the real estate securing the loan and the likelihood of being successful with our loan. We focus on a “Win-Win” for both you as the borrower and us as investors.

As private lenders at GAF Commercial, we provide the professional real estate investor with the ability to borrow funds, generally not available through institutional lenders. No credit check is required and we can usually render a decision in 24 hours. What we need is as follows:

  • Fill out online application and upload any supporting docs
  • If Approved we will send you a LETTER OF INTEREST (LOI)
  • Upon loan acceptance we will order valuation reports
  • Upon receipt of acceptable valuation reports, title report and survey, we will prepare your loan for funding
  • We will schedule a closing and funding at a local title company
  • The loan will be made and serviced by FISYN, LLC

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We focus on what we know. We look to help companies reach their full potential by combining our operational approach, capital and transaction experience with proven operating executives who have the vision, experience, and commitment to grow their businesses.

Many prospective clients initially seek our assistance with the idea that additional debt can solve their capital crisis. In a number of those scenarios we determine that additional debt will amplify the problem and the true solution involves our capital as Equity Partners. Our objective in these cases is to articulate agreements that are clear and have identifiable benchmarks for performance which will allow our funds to be returned as quickly as possible, while maximizing the business-property owner’s collateral and enabling efficient long term debt to be obtained.

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