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GAF Commercial, LLC (GAF) is a Texas based direct lender providing capital solutions of for both “debt & equity” for Commercial and Multi-Family properties in Texas. GAF began operations in Austin, TX in 2004 under the name Great America Funding, LLC. Our lending platform focused over the years and we have narrowed our lending to Texas nearly exclusively, consequently modified our name to the acronym “GAF.”

Since our inception in 2004, we have specialized in short-term commercial loans secured by real estate. We understand that occasionally loans do not fit into the standard model of traditional commercial lenders; therefore, we focus on funding non-conventional commercial loans. Additionally, there are occasions that equity may be added to the “capital stack,” and partner in a property or development.

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GAF Commercial is your partner for all your real estate financing needs

We are commercial lender specializing in Texas income producing property loans. Whether you have been declined from conventional lenders or even other “Private Lenders,” you can always call us for a second opinion. Since we make our own loan decisions in house, we don’t have loan committees to wait on. Remember, if you have a loan that “make sense,” we’ll probably be able to do it!